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Title: RS106-1 - 3D CAD Link
Publication Date: 11/1/1995
Product Type: Research Summary
Status: Archived Supporting Product
Pages: 34
This publication has been archived, but is available for download for informational purposes only.

Evaluates how the use of three-dimensional computer-aided design in construction and construction management can reduce cost growth, schedule slippage, and total rework time.
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The use of three-dimensional computer-aided design (3D CAD) in construction and construction management was identified by the Construction Industry Institute as an important area to investigate because of potential benefits to the industry. Work done in the past in 3D CAD has provided little substance into the exact nature of the value of using this technology. In addition, little guidance exists about how to achieve the best value of using 3D modeling. CII, therefore, created the 3D CAD Link Research Team and asked that it determine the benefits of and the impediments to using 3D in construction.

This publication summarizes the research effort of the team. The research found that the construction management applications currently being performed with the assistance of 3D were most commonly used to check clearances and access, to visualize details from nonstandard viewpoints, and to perform constructability reviews. Impediments to the use of 3D included undetermined economic impacts, a resistance to change within the construction industry, and a lack of trained personnel.

The benefits from using the technology were clear and conclusive, and indicate that increased usage of 3D CAD can provide significant reductions in cost growth, schedule slippage, and total rework. A detailed case study was performed by the research team to substantiate these benefits, and is described in summary fashion in this report. Complete analysis can be found in the team’s research report to CII. The team feels that aggressive and broad use of 3D CAD technology can bring repeatable benefits provided that the user is willing to invest time and resources in becoming adroit with the technology.