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Title: RS180-1 - E-Commerce Applications in Construction
Publication Date: 11/1/2002
Product Type: Research Summary
Status: Archived Tool
Pages: 15
This publication has been archived, but is available for download for informational purposes only.

Presents an overview of the CII research recently completed into this 'infant' area of the construction industry, offering recommendations on how companies can apply e-commerce successfully to be competitive, along with the admission that each company must address its own subtle differences in order to implement e-commerce and e-procurement successfully.
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With the current economic situation and the recent media frenzy about the “death of the dot-coms,” many would believe that e-commerce is all but dead. Recent CII research shows that e-commerce is alive and well—in fact, it is growing in almost all sectors of our industry. Our results demonstrate clearly that companies of every size and type should be considering some aspect of e-commerce in order to remain competitive and to enable the next evolution of performance.

CII gave its E-Commerce Applications in Construction Project Team (PT 180) a special assignment: conclude efforts within one year as opposed to the usual two years or more that many research efforts take. This was considered important because of the rapid changes occurring in e-commerce and the desire to keep the report fresh. This was accomplished.