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Title: BMM2002-3 - Benchmarking and Metrics Summary Report for 2001
Publication Date: 2/1/2002
Product Type: Benchmarking Report
Status: Reference
Pages: 38
Provides an overview of Benchmarking activities during 2001. The current database is described using pie and bar charts and line graphs. Describes analytic tools for member company self-assessment, such as performance metrics for cost, schedule, safety, changes, and rework; practice use norms for the implementation of best practices; and the value of best practices.
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Activities during the past year mark the evolution of the CII Benchmarking and Metrics program into a Web-based system of data collection, performance reporting, and industry analysis. CII believes that it is appropriate to broaden the Benchmarking and Metrics paradigm from one with a program focus to one with a systems focus in order to fully capture the set of activities comprising Benchmarking and Metrics, and to better explain how each contributes to the promotion of the use of best practices for superior project performance within the industry. In addition to collecting data on project participants, project environment, cost and schedule, and practice use, data collection activities now include gathering information on productivity metrics on-line. Project-level Progress Key Reports showing metric scores, performance quartiles, and graphic comparisons of individual project performance to the entire database can also be accessed on-line during the life of the project. As had been the practice in the past, Final Key Reports, generated after the project is completed and submitted in final format to the CII database, are produced in hard copy and are provided to the company’s Board of Advisors representative. Finally, industry analysis reports, including the annual Data Report, Safety Report, Value of Best Practices and Summary Report, and any reports resulting from funded studies are available on-line and in hard copy as they become available. The Data Report is available in CD format as well.

Priorities for the past year have included improving the Web-based questionnaire, developing Progress Key Reports for the Web, and increasing the number of best practices that can be used for benchmarking. Other systems initiatives continue to move forward as well. A Benchmarking questionnaire redesign effort is underway with the objective of minimizing respondent burden while maintaining a rich source of information. Increased emphasis has been placed on training Benchmarking Associates to ensure reliable and consistent data collection. Data collection has begun for the Productivity Metrics initiative. The quality and quantity of analyses continue to be improved through further automation and the application of more rigorous statistical techniques. More than 3,000 pages of findings were published within the past year, providing member companies quantitative data to support decisionmaking. Norms for performance and practice use and the benefits of adopting CII recommended best practices are provided annually to support continuous improvement activities. Practices are now categorized by project outcomes to assist in selecting those practices that support specific project goals. All of this is delivered in a lean and efficient benchmarking system described by one member company as a “best buy” among benchmarking services.

This Summary Report provides an overview of the CII Benchmarking and Metrics System. Following some background and a descriptive discussion of the database, an abridged presentation of key findings is offered. Although there is much to summarize, the report would be lacking without some discussion of evolving products. Since only a brief description of these products can be provided here, you are invited to visit the Benchmarking Web site at /scriptcontent/bmm.cfm?section=bmm for a more in-depth look at the system.