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Title: IR253-2 - Estimating Competency Assessment and Training Recommendations
Publication Date: 9/1/2011
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 26
Provides a description of the estimating competencies assessed by the Estimating Competency Assessment and Training Recommendations (EsCATR) tool, including their definitions and classifications. Also, to help the industry address the imminent shortage of experienced estimators, familiarizes users with the skills, knowledge, and personal attributes required for estimating, and lets users know what to look for when evaluating each competency. Further, gives step-by-step instructions on using the EsCATR program and on generating EsCATR reports. Generates competency assessment reports and charts, competency gap reports, and criticality matrices to help users design appropriate recruitment, training, and retention programs. Provides an example assessment of a detailed cost estimator working for a contractor company to show how EsCATR results can be used to improve an estimator's capabilities.

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CII Research Team 253 developed the Estimating Competency Assessment and Training Recommendations (EsCATR) tool to enable companies to identify gaps between the current and ideal performance levels of their estimating workforce. Once this Microsoft Excel™-based tool assesses each estimator’s performance and isolates the most critical gaps in his or her skills and knowledge, organizations can use these results to design cost-effective customized training programs. By identifying the estimating competencies that require immediate attention, the tool enables companies to minimize and even close these gaps, without resorting to costly off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all training packages that may or may not address the areas in need of improvement. This guide takes the user through each step of the EsCATR process, then provides an instance of its use.