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Title: EM37-21 - Building the Project Team - Instructor's Guide
Publication Date: 8/1/2001
Product Type: Education Module
Status: Supporting Product
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Focuses on bringing project participants together as an effective project team. The module is built upon recognizing the role of project leadership, respecting the value of teamwork to project success, understanding the team building process, and applying team building techniques to managing projects. Specific team building tools presented include: Team Charter, Dispute Resolution Process, Expectations Matrix, Roles/Responsibilities Matrix, and Recognition/Rewards.

Education modules are not available for download from the Internet.

This publication contains:

  • PowerPoint® presentation files
  • VC-605, Maya Project: Success Through Team Building (video)
  • RS37-1, Team Building: Improving Project Performance
  • RS102-1, A Model for Partnering Excellence
  • RS111-1, Owner/Contractor Work Structure: A Preview
  • Documented Success at Norco (white paper)

Module Length: 8 hours


Construction is a “people intensive” industry with work being carried out by groups of people rather than by individuals. For every project, it is a given that there will be a project “team.” The challenge is to ensure teamwork. Individuals acting alone, even within a group, cannot achieve project success.

“Team building” will be done either proactively or by default. Effective teams are more likely to be the result when a proactive team building process is undertaken. A successful project is a more likely outcome with effective teams.