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Title: RS105-1 - Compass: An Assessment Tool for Improving Project Team Communications, Version 2.1
Publication Date: 12/1/2011
Product Type: Research Summary
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 19
Describes the efforts of RT-105 to develop the Communications Project Assessment (Compass) Tool, a software resource that was designed in 1996 to help project managers assess team communications during the execution phase of an EPC project. In addition to giving an overview of the purpose and functions of the tool, also describes the 2011 CII Knowledge Management Committee's revision of the tool in Microsoft® Excel.

NOTE: Actual tool included with IR105-2.
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Previous research has established that effective communications are essential to the successful completion of engineer-procure-construct (EPC) projects. However, this finding would be of little benefit without a reasonable means of measurement. In 1996, Research Team (RT) 105, Project Team Communications Research Team, investigated ways of measuring the effectiveness of project communications and, on the basis of its findings, developed Implementation Resource 105-2, Compass: Communications Project Assessment Tool. The tool was designed to enable project managers to assess project team communications during the execution phases of an EPC project. The tool targets three project groups: project management, engineering, and construction. This research summary describes the development and capabilities of this tool and introduces the newly developed second version.

As part of its charter to manage the CII Body of Knowledge, the CII Knowledge Management Committee (KMC) reviewed and updated the original RT105 publications in 2011. The KMC is now publishing this second version of the research summary, along with a revision of Implementation Resource 105-2 in the Microsoft Excel 2007 format. Version 2.0 of the Compass tool supports efficient data collection, analysis, and reporting of assessment results. The tool provides benchmarking results from 72 CII projects for comparison. It also permits more detailed analysis through the scoring of six critical categories of communication. These analyses help identify specific weaknesses in a project’s communications and can be used in the development of improvement strategies. Communication scores can also be charted over multiple assessment periods, enabling trend analysis.