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Title: EM113-21 - Development and Alignment of Project Objectives - Instructor's Guide
Publication Date: 8/1/1998
Product Type: Education Module
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 0

Presents a process for effectively incorporating the input of all project stakeholders to develop aligned project objectives. The alignment process and assessment tools, such as the alignment thermometer, are demonstrated in a group exercise.

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This publication contains:

  • PowerPoint® presentation files
  • RS12-1, Project Objective Setting
  • RS113-1, Pre-Project Planning Tools: PDRI and Alignment
  • IR113-3, Alignment During Pre-Project Planning

Module Length: 4 hours


This course stresses the importance of establishing project objectives for the various participants in a project. Class participants are shown how to formulate, integrate and communicate project objectives among project participants. The course materials also introduce project alignment and the ten key issues that must be addressed by the project team to gain and maintain alignment. Class participants will take part in group exercises designed to establish objectives and ensure alignment around those objectives using tools and techniques discussed in the lecture. This material is based on CII Publication 12-1, Setting Project Objectives, and CII Implementation Resource 113-3, Alignment During Pre-Project Planning.