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Title: SD-86 - Zero Accident Techniques
Publication Date: 1/1/1993
Product Type: Source Document
Status: Reference
Pages: 292
Liska, Goodloe, Sen, Clemson Univ.
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This source document describes the results of the research conducted to identify those techniques which have clearly proven to be successful in achieving “safety excellence” with the goal of eliminating all accidents. A second objective was to develop relative cause and effect relationships among techniques, results and costs.

The research resulted in identifying eight safety-related techniques which, if implemented in a quality manner within a total safety program, will result in excellent project safety performance. Furthermore, of the eight techniques, five of them: Pre-Project/Pre-Task Planning, Safety Orientation/Training, Safety Incentives, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program, and Accident and Near Miss Investigation have the greatest impact, in the order shown, on and attaining a zero or near zero accident project.