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Title: SD-54 - The Acquisition of Skills and Traits Among Construction Personnel
Publication Date: 7/1/1990
Product Type: Source Document
Status: Archived Reference
Pages: 102
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Dorsey, Univ. of Cincinnati
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Key inferences, implications, and recommendations (see Chapter 7) are drawn around the salient findings and include:

  1. The need for critical review of all formal education, with particular emphasis on management education for construction, since that appears to be a sector where some impact may be made. A comprehensive study is recommended of collegiate schools of construction.
  2. Continuing education in construction needs to be upgraded through the efforts of academic institutions, contractor associations and owner councils.
  3. Individual companies should become more formal in their employee development programs.
  4. Craft training needs serious improvement in both technical and communications skills. Cooperation is needed among user councils, contractor associations, public educational institutions and private entrepreneurs to provide a broad based attack on the problem of grossly inadequate training.