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Title: IR45-2 - A Field Guide to Workers' Compensation
Publication Date: 5/1/1996
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 36
Evaluates workers' compensation insurance and management, offers guidelines to help reduce claims, minimize costs, and control the rehabilitation process when accidents do occur.
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Workers’ compensation continues to be a problem in the construction industry. Some people simply do not understand workers’ compensation insurance and its intended purpose, nor how the system works.

Opportunities exist to promote a better understanding of the system. For example, better communication improves the relationships between all parties and helps the process run more smoothly. Companies also should have a plan to educate employees on their rights and responsibilities under the system, as well as procedures for handling injuries when they occur.

Although the goal remains “zero injuries,” the comments provided in this guide should help you deal with both prevention and pre-injury.