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Title: WS101-01 - Design for Construction Worker Safety
Publication Date: 9/1/2010
Product Type: Video
Status: Supporting Product
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Construction worker fatalities and disabling injuries are morally unacceptable. In addition, the industry-wide multibillion dollar direct and indirect costs associated with these injuries and fatalities adversely impact project and organizational performance. Incorporating safety measures in the design phase directly improves safety on the job site, and ultimately leads to lower total installed cost due to fewer dollars spent on mediating hazards and acquiring construction insurance.

This web seminar reviews barriers and enablers to designing for construction worker safety and introduces the viewer to CII Implementation Resource 101-2, the Design for Construction Safety ToolBox. The Toolbox is an easy-to-use software tool that provides a means by which designers and others can address construction worker safety in their designs.

This one-hour DVD captures a live web seminar where Dr. Jimmie Hinze (University of Florida) illustrates the concept of designing for construction worker safety and its importance in the construction industry.

This video product is not currently available for online access or download, but is sold in DVD format.
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