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Title: WS121-01 - Planning for Startup
Publication Date: 10/1/2010
Product Type: Video
Status: Supporting Product
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Successful commercial operation requires successful startup, and successful startup requires planning. This web seminar reinforces the perspective that the purpose of a capital facilities project is to provide a functioning unit within the intended business environment, not simply the completion of construction tasks.

This web seminar provides a common terminology base, identifies the benefits of thorough planning for startup, shares key CII research findings and introduces the Startup Planning Model. This web seminar is based on CII Implementation Resource 121-2, Planning for Startup, a publication that provides the key products of CII research in this area.

This one-hour DVD captures a live web seminar where Scott Cameron (The Procter & Gamble Company) presents the viewer with the knowledge for understanding of the importance of Planning for Startup.

This video product is not currently available for online access or download, but is sold in DVD format.
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