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Title: RS161-1 - Small Project Execution
Publication Date: 11/1/2001
Product Type: Research Summary
Status: Tool
Pages: 14
Summarizes the efforts that led to the CII Implementation Resource, The Small Projects Toolkit (IR161-2). For this research study, a small project is defined as construction improvement activity with total expenditures between $100,000 to $2 million. Includes a data analysis of the research effort, key findings, and a brief summary of several chapters in the Toolkit.
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The mission of the Construction Industry Institute is to improve the construction industry through research and implementation. Through its research, CII has provided the industry with new tools, and in the process has become a principal national forum for the construction industry. The CII Executing Small Capital Projects Research Team and its work build upon that legacy.

Research conducted by the team indicates that a small project program can significantly increase its performance if the following key items are incorporated:

  • Front-end planning that incorporates project checklists.
  • Core project teams that can improve schedule and decrease the funding approval cycle.
  • Standard written processes specifically geared to small projects.
  • Maintenance projects that are combined with a small capital projects program.
  • Alliances and preferred supplier agreements.



Small projects are often viewed as being of lesser importance to corporate success than large capital projects. When managed under the umbrella of a small projects program, however, their significance becomes apparent. On average, a CII firm assigns approximately $30 million to its small projects program. If significant savings can be achieved through more effective execution of this program, management is in a position to increase the number of small projects, contributing to the profitability of the corporation.

This publication summarizes the research effort that led to the CII Implementation Resource publication, The Small Projects Toolkit. After reviewing this summary, readers are encouraged to read and use the Toolkit, which presents best practices and tools to assist a corporation in increasing their small project performance. With increased global competition, the Toolkit offers both managers and project managers several effective tools to improve small project programs and small project execution.