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Title: RS3-1 - Constructability: A Primer
Publication Date: 7/1/1986
Product Type: Research Summary
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 16
Gives examples of how constructability concepts have paid off on real-world major projects.
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Constructability means better projects—lower costs, better productivity, earlier project completions, and earlier start-ups.

Owners, designers, and builders who belong to the Construction Industry Institute (CII) believe this statement. This publication is addressed to the executives who really cause things to happen in industry so that they will be aware of how they too can benefit from a constructability program—how they can realize the cost savings which better constructability will produce. Paybacks range up to fifteen to one.

The message is, “Be sure that construction considerations are incorporated into every phase of a project—feasibility studies, conceptual planning, design, procurement, as well as construction.”