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Title: RS20-3 - Achieving an Integrated Data Environment: A Strategic Initiative
Publication Date: 2/1/1993
Product Type: Research Summary
Status: Archived Supporting Product
Pages: 18
This publication has been archived, but is available for download for informational purposes only.

Describes the barriers that limit the pace and effectiveness of the industry's drive toward an integrated data environment; presents recommendations to remove these barriers.
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During the past decade the construction industry has witnessed dramatic improvements in electronic data generation and management.

The industry recognizes that these improvements offer opportunity for enhanced performance and competitiveness. Thus, companies acting individually or with key customers are pursuing electronic data management opportunities that offer immediate payback. As a result, many successful examples exist of CAD drawing utilization and transfer, electronic purchasing, and related applications. This has resulted in the creation of “islands of automation.” These islands continue to be linked, however, by low technology bridges such as facsimile and paper documents.

The full benefit of electronic data management will not be attained until the low technology bridges are eliminated and industry work practices are modified to fully exploit the technology. When this occurs throughout the entire industry, the integrated data environment will have arrived.

The industry doubtlessly will achieve the integrated data environment. Questions do remain, however, about whether it will be achieved at a timely pace and in a fashion that is compatible with industry needs. This publication describes the barriers that threaten to limit the pace and effectiveness of the industry’s drive towards the integrated data environment. It also presents a series of pragmatic recommendations for individual companies and the industry as a whole to remove these barriers. The effectiveness with which the industry implements these recommendations will impact its future competitiveness and growth.

CII Publication 20-1, EDI: Concepts and Applications, and CII Publication 20-2, An Introduction to Integtrated Database Systems, are companion reports to this document.