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Title: IR245-3 - Design Effectiveness Evaluation Tool
Publication Date: 3/1/2015
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 20
Guides users of the Design Effectiveness Evaluation Tool in their use of the tool to evaluate design effectiveness and improve MEV/DE implementation at both the project and corporate levels. Permits design evaluation from the perspective of the owner, the designer, the construction team, or any combination of these parties by means of weighted criteria and subcriteria.

NOTE: This publication's accompanying beta software is a proof of concept and is available for informational purposes only.

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Any party interested in adapting this software is invited to contact CII Associate Director for Deployment to discuss licensing.
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Welcome to the Design Effectiveness Evaluation Tool. This tool provides a structured approach to evaluating the design effectiveness of capital projects. This manual provides guidance on when and how to use the tool. The appendix provides a table of criteria and subcriteria by which to evaluate design efforts and products.