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Title: IR166-2 - Implementation Model + Knowledge Structure Guide
Publication Date: 11/1/2001
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Archived Tool
Pages: 26
This publication has been archived, but is available for download for informational purposes only.

Provides a path forward to understanding the CII Implementation Model and the CII Knowledge Structure. The section on the model includes a discussion of key issues to improve implementation. The CII Knowledge Structure helps users determine specific best practices to use. This guide provides an overview of the CII Knowledge Structure, the screening process for how CII establishes its best practices, and how to "drill down" from focus area to knowledge area to specific CII tools. Includes definitions of terms for using the Knowledge Structure.
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Since its initiation in 1983, CII has performed valuable research and produced many project management processes and tools that have great potential to improve the construction industry. However, implementation of CII products has still been somewhat disappointing. In order to facilitate effective implementation of CII products, the CII Implementation Strategy Committee (ISC) was formed in 1995 and has focused its efforts to increase the level of implementation of best practices within CII member companies.

In order to help member companies implement CII products effectively, the CII ISC has developed the CII Implementation Model which summarizes the needed steps to effective implementation of best practices. It also sponsored the CII Knowledge Team that recently developed the CII Knowledge Structure, logically organizing all CII products and research findings. This document will summarize each of these efforts and provide guidance to organizations wishing to implement CII products.

The CII Implementation Model contains a foundation and nine building blocks to help develop an organization’s implementation effort. The foundation and building blocks are discussed,including key issues that need to be pursued by organizations wishing to improve implementation of CII products.

One of the biggest complaints concerning implementation of CII products has been the sheer volume of reports and tools and the difficulty with finding the “right practice” to implement. A logical structure was developed in order to organize CII’s efforts since 1983 and facilitate identification of best practices. This development, called the CII Knowledge Structure, including CII Best Practices and definitions of terms related to the Knowledge Structure, is explained in this document. The CII Knowledge Structure consists of 13 Knowledge Areas that are broken into 47 Focus Areas, which are further divided into 11 Best Practices, 12 Proposed Best Practices, and 24 Information Areas. Each Focus Area is supported by various CII products such as tools, products, and/or references. The Knowledge Structure gives an organization a key mechanism for supporting its implementation efforts.