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Title: RR193-11 - Radical Reduction in Project Cycle Time
Publication Date: 6/1/2004
Product Type: Research Report
Status: Reference
Pages: 286
Hastak et al., Purdue Univ.; Gokhale, Vanderbilt Univ.
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From the automotive industry to process industries and from information technology to e-commerce, today’s business relies on just-in-time capacity enhancements and first-to-market product strategies to gain competitive advantage and increase profit margins. This has created an increased demand for a high performance project delivery system that can achieve a dramatic reduction in project delivery time. Very few decision tools and guidelines exist to assist owners and contractors in choosing delivery systems and project strategies to radically reduce the cycle time from the pre-planning stage through start up. This research surveys the owner and construction industries, identifies projects that have achieved a greater than 25% reduction in overall project cycle time when compared to current industry standard, and evaluates and ranks the Best Practices, Management Techniques, and Schedule Reduction Techniques employed on the projects. The research also catalogs the barriers to radical schedule reduction. The result of the research is that radical schedule reduction well in excess of 25% can be achieved through the selective employment of Management Techniques, Schedule Reduction Techniques, and Best Practices. Almost every project can utilize this research to improve project performance whether radical reduction or simply more effective execution is the goal. These techniques and practices, as well as the optimal deployment time, are described in this research.