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Title: SP268-3 - Adding Value through Front End Planning
Publication Date: 12/1/2012
Product Type: Special Publication
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 30
Outlines the findings and lessons learned from over the past 20 years of CII research on the importance of front end planning for design, construction, and operation and maintenance. Presents this material in four sections: 1) the relevance of front end planning and the value it adds; 2) the CII tools for implementing front end planning best practices; 3) how to successfully use these tools; and 4) how to sustain momentum after successful implementation.
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Since its founding in 1983, the Construction Industry Institute (CII) has made front end planning one of its research priorities, and in 1991, the institute initiated a research thread to identify and document the front end planning process. For over two decades now, CII researchers have proved the value of this process and have developed a series of project management tools to help project teams effectively perform front end planning. This document summarizes and integrates this knowledge, describing the process and management actions necessary to improve front end planning in your organization.