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Title: WS34-01 - Constructability
Publication Date: 7/1/2014
Product Type: Video
Status: Supporting Product
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Constructability has been shown to yield outstanding project performance results. A recent CII study documents reports by CII member contractors noting that projects where constructability is intensely implemented have over a 6% average cost performance advantage over projects that have low intensity constructability implementation. Investments in constructability can have a payback ratio of greater than 10:1.

Constructability is the effective and timely integration of construction knowledge into the conceptual planning, design, construction, and field operations of a project to achieve the overall project objectives in the best possible time and accuracy at the most cost-effective levels. How do we bring the performance of this Best Practice to the next level?

This 2-DVD set provides a solid overview of Constructability as conducted by world-class organization, and viewers will learn to apply Constructability Concepts to capital facilities projects that can be expected to reduce project costs and schedule while improving quality and project safety. Constructability implementation tools and the roadmap for a corporate or project constructability program, as shown in CII Special Publication 34-1, Constructability Implementation Guide, are presented, along with examples of the use of these concepts in industry.

This video product is not currently available for online access or download, but is sold in DVD format.
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