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Title: RS135-1 - Attracting and Maintaining a Skilled Construction Work Force
Publication Date: 10/1/2000
Product Type: Research Summary
Status: Tool
Pages: 30
Makes recommendations to both owners and contractors to bring qualified, skilled workers to the work site. Includes more than 75 different activities that can be used to attract and retain construction craft workers.
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Perhaps the greatest challenge facing the construction industry over the next decade will be attracting and retaining qualified workers. In many parts of the country, companies are already grappling with this issue. Qualified workers no longer simply show up at a project’s doorstep. Skill levels continue to decline and workers threaten to leave for a dollar more in wages elsewhere. While owners squeeze contractors for lower cost and faster schedules, contractors reduce their training costs and hope that someone else will train craft workers for future projects. Both owners and contractors must address the attraction and retention issues.

A new way of thinking will be required to attract and retain craft workers. As stewards of their projects and their company’s financial success, project managers are always faced with the challenge of lowering projects costs to improve returns. Cutting craft wages is not the answer and can actually drive costs higher. Those contractors and owner companies who are willing to focus on finding quality craft workers and innovate ways to compensate them will be the successful companies of the future.

The CII Attract/Maintain Skilled Work Force Research Team has identified several techniques that can assist owners and contractors in addressing these issues. Using these techniques will save the industry money and provide a better environment for workers.