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Title: RS12-1 - Project Objective Setting, Second Edition
Publication Date: 9/1/2003
Product Type: Research Summary
Status: Tool
Pages: 22
Discusses the management of and the process for communicating objectives. Presents the Agreement Matrix, a tool for identifying, communicating, reinforcing, and controlling project objectives.
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All parties involved in the construction process—owners, designers, and constructors—strive for project success. A study performed by the CII Project Organization Task Force has concluded that the objective-setting process is a major determinant of this success. This publication summarizes several key areas of the study.

The first area examined is the management of objectives throughout the owner’s, designer’s, and constructor’s organizations. The management process is illustrated, and three typical problem areas impeding effective objective setting are identified. An approach for managing project objectives is then outlined and defined.

Also discussed is the process of communicating objectives between owner, designer, and constructor. Several mechanisms are discussed that promote and inhibit communication of objectives. A method for diagramming and analyzing communication channels is presented that can be used to improve objective communication and thereby improve chances for project success.

The task force developed a tool to quantify agreement between various project participants. This tool, called an Agreement Matrix, is presented and explained. A process using the matrix for managing project objectives also is explained. A correlation exists between the agreement index (calculated by using the matrix) and the assessed degree of project success for the projects examined. The Agreement Matrix is promoted as an efficient feedback device for identifying, communicating, reinforcing, and controlling project objectives. Examples of the matrix applied to actual projects are included to illustrate its use.