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Title: IR107-3 - Predictive Tools Road Map
Publication Date: 11/1/1996
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Archived Tool
Pages: 16
Identifies key indicators (i.e., problems) and outcomes by project phase; compares their project performance criteria, such as cost, schedule, and safety, against business or operations objectives.

NOTE: This publication's accompanying beta software is a proof of concept that has been archived and is available for download for informational purposes only.

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The Predictive Tools Road Map provides project managers with a tool that identifies key indicators (Problems) and outcomes by project phase, and relates them to project performance criteria of: cost, schedule, safety, and meeting business/operations objectives.

The PT Road Map helps the user identify common industry problems in the earliest possible project phase, and relates those problems to potential negative outcomes. The Road Map also provides handy references to related CII-documented information. This tool will encourage project managers to take a proactive approach to project control, thereby reducing the frequency of problems common in the industry today.