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Title: IR193-2 - Project Manager's Game Planner for Radical Reduction in Project Cycle Time
Publication Date: 6/1/2004
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 15
Offers project managers a tool to assist in planning for radical reduction in project cycle time. Takes the reader through each phase of a project, from pre-project planning through start up, and offers best practices and radical reduction techniques that can provide greater than 25 percent reduction in schedule, provided that the four key drivers are in place: a compelling business need, owner commitment, high performance team, and detailed project planning. Includes a 'Playcard' that allows users to pick from 25 top radical reduction techniques by phase as they plan their own projects.
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  • Radical reduction in project cycle time requires four key drivers: 1) Compelling business need, 2) Owner commitment, 3) High-performance team, and 4) Detailed project planning.
  • In conjunction to CII Best Practices, schedule reduction and management techniques from other industries are required to achieve radical reduction.
  • Use of CII Best Practices is a key component in the “Best of the Best” (top 5) radical reduction techniques. Over the five project phases, the following five have been identified as the important CII Best Practices: 1) Alignment, 2) Constructability, 3) Design Effectiveness, 4) Materials Management, and 5) Pre-Project Planning.
  • The Game Planner can assist companies to develop an approach to radically reduce project cycle time.