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Title: IR246-2 - The Implementation Planning Model: Steps to Success, Version 1.2
Publication Date: 8/1/2009
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 75
Introduces a ten-step process that can be used to develop a roadmap for implementing a new practice. Includes a matrix that will help detail the effort and a change audit practice that will aid in measuring effectiveness. Comes with a Microsoft® Excel-based Implementation Planning Tool for the audit and evaluation processes.

NOTE: This publication's accompanying beta software is a proof of concept and is available for informational purposes only.

By downloading or purchasing this publication, you understand and accept that its accompanying software may stop opening or running properly on future platforms and is not supported or maintained by CII.

Both the publication and its software are protected by applicable copyright restrictions as set forth by CII.

Any party interested in adapting this software is invited to contact CII Associate Director for Deployment to discuss licensing.
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No organization can continue status quo for an indefinite period of time. The reasons behind this need for improvement and change are varied and heavily dependent on organization culture, market demands, competition, and work force demographics to name a few. However, even with these varied forces working for and against change, an organization must resolve itself to the need to improve and modify procedures on a regular and continuing basis. Given this demand for continuous change and the introduction of new practices, the question arises, “Why has the capital facility investment industry been traditionally reluctant to introduce and implement new practices?” Of particular concern is the question, “Why do the practices identified through CII research efforts still face resistance to implementation within CII organizations?”

The requirement to aggressively consider the adoption of new and/or improved practices and the need to facilitate this adoption prompted the CII Implementation Strategy Committee to undertake the current research into how to successfully undertake implementation efforts.