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Productivity measures how efficiently resources (e.g., human resources) are used to produce outputs. Benchmarking productivity has long been regarded as a better instrument for companies / projects to drive their work process improvement than the traditional project controls measurement: cost and schedule.  However, due to the inherently challenging and dynamic nature of productivity benchmarks, there has been a lack of a credible program until this newly available CII capacity.  

This report provides a summary of CII’s benchmarking capacity in both engineering and construction productivity, built on decades of industry studies.  Specifically, it addresses the unique hierarchy and quantity based metrics, as well as its robust reporting / analytic capabilities. This program offers participants the flexibility to benchmark productivity at multiple levels based on the data availability and a single statistically rigorous metric for project-level productivity.  Further, descriptive and inferential analyses are used to illustrate the tremendous value derived from productivity benchmarking, such as setting project objectives, identifying productivity problems, and understanding the relationship between work processes and productivity.  

The CII Productivity Benchmarking Program gives users the ability to benchmark productivity and, most importantly, it allows them to drive improvement on their work processes.

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Construction Productivity

Construction activates occur in a constantly changing environment, therefore construction productivity is affected by a wise spectrum of factors.  As shown below, substantial productivity differences between different project attributes are observed, including project type, size and nature. (BMM2011-1 page 25, Figures 18 and 19)

Reference: (BMM2011-1)

2 : Productivity Benchmarking

Productivity benchmarking should be done at the appropriate level in order to be meaningful.  For example productivity for pouring concrete foundations varies considerably depending on the size of the foundation, as shown below.  (BMM2011-1, page 24)

Reference: (BMM2011-1)

3 : Productivity Definition

Engineering and construction productivity has different meanings for different organizations.  CII BM&M committee defined engineering and construction as shown in Figure 1 below.  (BMM2011-1, p3)

Reference: (BMM2011-1)

4 : Productivity Metrics Disciplines

The CII Productivity Benchmarking Program measure productivity in 6 engineering disciplines and 8 construction disciplines.  (BMM2011-1, p4)

Reference: (BMM2011-1)

Key Performance Indicators

Improved engineering productivity, Improved construction productivity

Research Publications

Productivity Benchmarking Summary Report - BMM2011-1

Publication Date: 10/2011 Type: Benchmarking Report Pages: 43 Status: Reference