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Title: PAC2013-2 - 2013 Safety Report, Version 2.1
Publication Date: 4/2/2015
Product Type: Benchmarking Report
Status: Reference
Pages: 59
Summarizes the results of the 2013 CII Annual Safety Survey. Safety data were provided by 75 CII members (35 owners and 40 contractors), representing over 2.65 billion work-hours reported for 2012. Includes corporate-level safety statistics to help CII members benchmark their corporate safety performance.

Version 2.1 corrects the transposition of 2012 owner and contractor data in Figure 23.
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This report summarizes the responses of CII members to the 2013 Construction Industry Institute (CII) Annual Safety Survey. The survey was administered to all CII members between April and July of 2013. Among the 130+ member organizations, 75 (i.e., 35 owners and 40 contractors) submitted their corporate safety statistics for the 2012 calendar year. These data represented a combined total of 2.65 billion work hours. This report presents the latest safety trends among CII members, and provides the corporate safety performance benchmarks for members to use for self-analysis.

The primary purpose of the 2013 CII Safety Report is to document the descriptive statistics obtained from the 2013 CII Annual Safety Survey. For the past few years, CII has chosen to limit the amount of commentary regarding potential causes for specific safety statistics or trends. The reasons behind many observations are left for both the reader to ponder and for further potential research at CII.