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Title: PAC2018-2 - 2018 Safety Report
Publication Date: 8/2/2018
Product Type: Benchmarking Report
Status: Reference
Pages: 10
Summarizes the responses of CII members to the 2018 CII Annual Safety Survey, captured by the combined CII/CURT-Safety Portal. their efforts to present a single, more robust online report. Safety data from were provided by 66 CII members (26 owners and 40 contractors), representing over 2.9 billion work-hours reported for 2016. Includes corporate-level safety statistics to help CII members benchmark their corporate safety performance.
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CII has collected annual corporate safety performance data from its member organizations since 1990 as part of its long-term commitment to improving safety in the construction industry. Starting in 2018, the CII/CURT Safety Portal is the online tool CII uses to collect safety data. This document summarizes the findings of the most recent CII/CURT Safety Survey, which captured 2017 fiscal year safety data. While the new CII/CURT Safety Portal combines data from CII members and non-members, this document summarizes safety rates experienced by CII members only.

CII intends to revise these numbers at the end of 2018 and include any additional data collected over the year. CII members that did not provide their data during the spring campaign will still be able to do so until the end of 2018. If you want to provide your company data, please use the following link to access the safety portal (you will need a CLMA account, which can be obtained free of charge):