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This report is CII’s evaluation of The Business Roundtable’s CICE (Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness) comprehensive study on improving cost effectiveness in construction study, followed by multi-stage study on industry exposure to this project. The construction industry was separated into nine major participant categories during this study:

  1. Owners
  2. Consultants
  3. Contractors
  4. Organizations
  5. Academic Institutions
  6. Developer Owners
  7. Labor Unions
  8. Government
  9. Others

Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness (CICE) Impact Evaluation Committee has carried out a three phase research study to estimate the initial impact of the CICE Project:

Phase 1: Exposure – To evaluate the extent of construction industry exposure to the findings and recommendations of the CICE reports.

Phase 2: Awareness – To evaluate the level of awareness of Construction Industry participants of the CICE project and its reports.

Phase 3: Implementation – To evaluate the extent of any efforts made in the industry to implement CICE recommendations.

Conclusions of this study include:

  • That CICE reports have had a significant impact on the construction industry. Construction industry leaders have developed implementation programs and are achieving significant cost savings.
  • That small owners and contractors as well as government agencies are less exposed to CII studies compared to large owners and contractors.

Benefit-to-cost ratios for the CICE programs were usually greater than 10 to 1. Cost savings realized by implementing CICE recommendations on most projects were over 10% of total project cost. In many cases, not only was there a cost savings of several million dollars, but also a reduction of several months from the project's schedule. 

Key Findings and Implementation Tools

1 : Exposure to CICE Information

Large owners and contractors are better exposed to CICE information, whereas small owners/contractors and government agencies need additional exposure. The 23 reports produced by the CICE are divided into these 5 major study areas: (RS1-1, p. 1) 
  • Project Management
  • Construction Technology
  • Labor Effectiveness
  • Labor Supply and Training
  • Regulations and Codes
Reference: (RS1-1)

2 : Target for Exposure

Additional exposure attempts should be directed at academia, labor, and technical/professional organizations. (SD-2, p. 45)
Reference: (SD-2)

3 : Awareness, Plan for Exposure

CII should be encouraged to continue supporting activities to improve awareness of and implementation of CICE project concepts to construction industry. The Business Roundtable should be encouraged to continue to develop promotional material, audio-visual presentations, and brochures. Construction Education Programs in USA should make their students fully aware of the concepts of cost effectiveness in construction as an integral part of their educational process. (RS1-1, p. 7)
Reference: (RS1-1)

4 : Implementation Promotion Needed

Although many changes have been implemented by industry participants, reports alone will not accomplish the goal of promoting cost effectiveness in the construction industry. The Business Roundtable, CII, professional societies, and various other organizations should continue to promote the goals and efforts of the CICE Project & CII in general. (RS1-1, p. 7)
Reference: (RS1-1)

Key Performance Indicators

Improved cost, Improved safety, Improved schedule, Improved constructability

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