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Title: IR193-3 - Project Manager's Playbook for Radical Reduction in Project Cycle Time
Publication Date: 6/1/2004
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 66
A supplement to the Game Planner (IR193-2), the Playbook uses sports analogies to take the reader through planning for radical reduction in project cycle time. Similar to the Game Planner in that it takes a phase-by-phase approach. The Playbook covers many basic project management processes, but highlights specific techniques that apply to radically reducing project cycle time.
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Today’s businesses rely on just-in-time capacity enhancements and first-to-market product strategies to gain competitive advantage and increase profit margins. This has created an increased demand for a high performance project delivery system that can achieve a dramatic reduction in project delivery time. Global competition and reduced product life cycle ultimately put greater performance requirements on capital project delivery systems.

Despite continuing improvements in delivery cycle time, owners of facilities continue to demand even greater improvements. The growing complexity of facility technologies combined with the current regulatory environment, however, increases the obstacles to significant progress. The competitive nature of business requires that owners make scope changes at the last moment even in the face of shortened cycle times. And yet few decision tools and guidelines exist to assist owners and contractors in helping assess project delivery systems with an aim to reducing capital facility planning and construction time. That now changes with the Project Manager’s Playbook to Radical Reduction in Project Cycle Time.