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Title: RR240-13 - Leveraging Technology to Improve Construction Productivity, Volume III: Technology Field Trials
Publication Date: 9/1/2010
Product Type: Research Report
Status: Reference
Pages: 106
Haas et al., Univ. of Waterloo; Goodrum et al., Univ. of Kentucky; Caldas et al., The Univ. of Texas at Austin
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Successful use of technology to improve construction productivity involves more than the technical characteristics of the technology. Many factors simultaneously influence construction productivity, including work force characteristics, management processes, and technological innovations. To control for these and other external factors, the research team used a three-pronged approach to develop recommendations, guidelines, and procedures to effectively leverage technology to improve construction projects. This report is organized into three volumes to give a full account of each part of this approach. Volume I presents the team’s data analysis on the ways historical changes in construction equipment, materials, and information technologies have influenced improvements in construction productivity. Volume II details a comprehensive field test of materials tracking and locating technologies that the team conducted to measure how such technologies can improve productivity on typical industrial projects. Finally, Volume III describes a four-stage predictive model that estimates a technology’s potential to have a positive impact on construction productivity. In summary, the three volumes of this report illuminate the multifaceted relationship between technology and construction productivity. Through significant statistical analyses, field trials, and tool development, the three parts of this research project have demonstrated how technology can be used to leverage productivity.