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Title: IR322-2 - Project Controls Improvement Tool and User Guide
Publication Date: 11/1/2016
Product Type: Implementation Resource
Status: Tool
Pages: 125
Offers a Project Controls Improvement (PCI) Tool to help address whether a project team is using relevant and reliable metrics to assess project progress and performance, and to identify potential gaps in its in-flight project control practices. Offers large-format tables that define forecasting and diagnostic metrics, and show timelines for metrics deployment.

NOTE: This publication's accompanying beta software is a proof of concept and is available for informational purposes only.

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In order to improve project progress and performance assessment, project teams need to know which metrics to use and how to enhance their reliability. When measuring project performance, project teams need to address two important questions:
  1. Are the metrics currently in use the most relevant and robust metrics available to assess project progress and performance?
  2. Are necessary steps being taken to ensure the reliability of these metrics during each project phase?
CII Research Team 322 (RT-322) developed the Project Controls Improvement (PCI) Tool to address these industry-wide questions and to identify potential gaps in current in-flight project control practices. Based on surveys, case studies, and review by a panel of experts with more than 350 years of experience, as owners and contractors, RT-322 crafted a tool that contains valuable information on the Core metrics and Critical Reliability Factors to ensure robust project progress and performance assessment. This software is an effective tool to improve cost and schedule outcomes at both the project and organizational levels.

The PCI Tool has four main components to identify possible gaps and provide resources for improvements in progress and performance assessment:
  • The Metrics Gap Analysis Module enables project stakeholders to identify strengths and areas for improvement in their current project control plans.
  • The Reliability Gap Analysis provides a resource for stakeholders to examine their metrics on a holistic level and determine if projects are achieving Critical Reliability Factors to ensure that assessment is meaningful and robust.
  • The software also includes a Metrics Dictionary and Maps Module to promote standardization of metrics definitions, usage, and selection.
  • The Project Controls Utilities Module that further explains detailed aspects of the software’s module analysis and provides resources for implementation and training.
This user guide consists of a detailed explanation of the different components and features of the tool (Chapter 2), step-by-step user instructions (Chapter 3), and different implementation use cases (Chapter 4).

Project management and control teams can use the PCI Tool to evaluate current practices regarding project progress and performance assessment. Users receive customized suggestions regarding improvements in their metric implementation, enabling project teams to make improvements based on identified gaps and recommended actions. The software’s customized reports can be saved and shared among stakeholders and partner organizations. In addition, since PCI Tool includes information related to diverse metrics and reliability factors, it can also be used for educational or training purposes in owner and contractor companies. Some potential applications include:
  • a reference for project managers and control teams for project control plan development
  • a gap analysis tool to evaluate current in-flight project control practices
  • a source of potential corrective actions to improve current progress and performance assessment practices
  • a document to track reliability improvement practices across different project phases
  • an owner’s reference for formulating contractual project control requirements
  • a training reference for entry-level project control professionals.
The PCI Tool enables project stakeholders (e.g., project managers, project control teams, engineering managers, cost engineers, and schedulers in both owner and contractor organizations) to better monitor, control, and communicate project progress and performance assessment.