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Title: SP17-1 - In Search of Partnering Excellence
Publication Date: 7/1/1991
Product Type: Special Publication
Status: Archived Tool
Pages: 62
This publication has been archived, but is available for download for informational purposes only.

Offers information on selecting a partner, developing an agreement, and implementing the relationship.
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Partnering offers many opportunities to participants in the U.S. construction industry to improve the total quality and cost effectiveness of construction projects, while developing an atmosphere much more conducive to innovation, teamwork, trust and commitment. Partnering also can enhance U.S. competitiveness in the worldwide marketplace. Rather than a new contract system, partnering is an improved process for cooperative business relations.

Partnering requires a long-term process to evaluate entering into a relationship. It also requires a long-term process to select a partner and implement the relationship. Cultural change is required by all parties to achieve success. It can be used by either large or small businesses, for either large or small projects. Relationships can be developed among all participants in construction: owner-contractor, owner-supplier, contractor-supplier and contractor-contractor.

Several partnering relationships are now in existence. Despite their limited experience, most are optimistic about the potential for future success. Many other companies are considering entering into partnering relationships.

Partnering is an excellent vehicle for attaining TQM in the construction process. An effective partnering relationship will facilitate improved quality by replacing the adversarial atmosphere of traditional business relationships with a team approach to achieve common goals. Team members can challenge directives when the impact on the work affects quality or is disproportionate to the benefits. The potential for improved quality also is increased due to a better understanding of project scope and an atmosphere more conducive to implementing new technologies.