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Title: SP34-1 - Constructability Implementation Guide, Second Edition
Publication Date: 12/1/2006
Product Type: Special Publication
Status: Tool
Pages: 154
This second edition now offers 17 tools that address constructability at both the corporate and project levels. Includes a comprehensive and integrated roadmap to help with implementing constructability. New case studies have replaced those from the original edition, reflecting in-depth application of constructability principles.
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As demonstrated in the case studies summarized in this publication, when methodically implemented, front-end constructability efforts are an investment that results in a substantial return. Previous CII documentation of constructability efforts showed that owners accrued an average reduction in total project cost and schedule of 4.3 percent and 7.5 percent, respectively. These savings represented a 10 to 1 return on the owner’s investment in the constructability effort. Recent CII Benchmarking studies based on project performance reported by contractors indicate that Constructability Implementation is second only to Materials Management in positively impacting project schedules and behind only Change Management and Zero Accident Techniques in positively impacting project cost.

Yet, the need for tools to facilitate constructability implementation continues to exist. This Constructability Implementation Guide meets this need by offering a complete set of 17 tools that address both corporate- and project-level constructability programs. For example, Tool 1, the Constructability Implementation Roadmap, presents a comprehensive-integrated approach to constructability. Tools containing assessment forms are provided to identify and eliminate barriers in constructability. A procedure for the periodic assessment of program effectiveness is also provided and is helpful in maintaining a commitment to the program and ensuring continuous improvement. The 16 constructability concepts are also summarized in a tool.

The updated Guide continues to offer comprehensive guidance and specific insights into how project constructability can be implemented. It is targeted to owners, designers, and construction personnel, with particular emphasis on the owner. Senior executives and entry-level project personnel, and project managers in particular, can benefit from the tools provided in the Guide.