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Title: WS213-01 - Front End Planning: Your Key to a Successful Project
Publication Date: 7/1/2014
Product Type: Video
Status: Supporting Product
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Capital project delivery risk is greatly affected by the quality of the front end planning (FEP) effort. This process has become a key focus of many organizations in recent years. All projects have unique risks that must be addressed to ensure that the project is the correct venture for the sponsoring organization, that the important scope issues are set to form a good design basis, and that the execution approach is addressed to allow the project team to smoothly transition through the design process, construction and into effective startup and operations. An effective, structured front end planning process will therefore facilitate project success. Industry owners report that on average, projects intensely implementing FEP realize a 8.6% cost advantage over projects implementing FEP less intensely. Research conducted by the CII indicates that effective front end planning can set the stage for:
  • better cost performance, including more predictable estimates and reduced project cost
  • reduced project schedules
  • fewer project changes
  • better operational performance
  • a reduced chance of project disasters
CII has developed a process and several tools that, if employed can significantly improve the front end planning process on projects. This 2-DVD set provides a solid overview of the front end planning process as conducted by world-class organization.

This video product is not currently available for online access or download, but is sold in DVD format.
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