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Title: RS40-1 - Continuing Supervisory Education: An Overview
Publication Date: 10/1/1996
Product Type: Research Summary
Status: Supporting Product
Pages: 26
Presents basics of the Continuing Supervisory Education Program, which can improve productivity and work quality.
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CII member companies are actively seeking methods to improve the quality and reduce the cost of capital projects. An increase in the quality of supervisors is one way to achieve both of these goals. Research indicates that the construction industry lags benchmark companies in training supervisors as well as in using to pre-select and prepare personnel to be effective supervisors.

Although CII companies spend an average of 1.7 percent of payroll on training, this is below the three percent spent by highly successful organizations and American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) benchmark companies. Furthermore, analysis of “expert supervisors” from CII companies indicates that technical capability is the overriding selection factor for promotion to supervisory positions. Conversely, an aptitude for people skills is not necessarily considered when selecting a new supervisor.

The construction industry has demonstrated its ability to produce an order-of-magnitude improvement in critical programs such as safety and project planning. Similar improvements in productivity and work quality can be expected through the use of the recommended Continuing Supervisory Education Program. The basics of this program are presented here. A more detailed presentation is available in CII Implementation Resource 40-2, A Framework for Continuing Supervisory Education. This straightforward, seven-step development program can be implemented by any organization to improve supervisory effectiveness. These steps will provide for a logical supervisor selection process coupled with an education program that is designed to meet individual needs.