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Title: RS107-1 - Predictive Tools: Closing the Performance Gap
Publication Date: 2/1/1996
Product Type: Research Summary
Status: Archived Supporting Product
Pages: 18
This publication has been archived, but is available for download for informational purposes only.

Outlines the Continuous Assessment of Project Performance (CAPP) and the Predictive Tools Road Map -- two tools that monitor a project through all phases.

NOTE: Actual tools included separately with IR107-2 and IR107-3.
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“Why can’t we predict project problems soon enough so that they can be managed, solved, or prevented?”

With all of the tools and systems available in the construction industry to the project manager, why do we still have surprise cost overruns, schedule delays, and unsuccessful projects? The construction industry requires comprehensive predictive tools that will allow measurement of critical indicators and accurate predictions of project success while a project is progressing. One goal of CII is to provide the industry with information, techniques, and processes that will more accurately predict project outcome.

The CII Predictive Tools Research Team objective was to develop a process using “predictive tools” that assists a project team during all project stages. Predictive tools(systems or processes) are a project team’s means to monitor and control all aspects of a project to ensure success. Success is normally defined by meeting the project criteria of cost, schedule, safety, and performance.

The research team found that many predictive tools, systems, and processes are available to monitor and track a project, but the industry has neither combined nor accumulated these tools into a comprehensive package. This is the required next step in “closing the performance gap” for the continuous improvement process for the construction industry.

The research team focused on developing a predictive tool process that would:

  • provide a comprehensive project data analysis tool to monitor a project continually (the Continuous Assessment of Project Performance—CAPP).
  • develop a detailed process to identify critical procedures that should be in place through the various stages of a project (the Predictive Tools Road Map and User’s Guide)
  • provide a single access tool to help a project team identify important CII documents for predictive tools (the Index of CII Tools).


The payback for project teams, and in fact everyone involved with a project, is improved project performance through:

  • Improved pre-project planning
  • Continuous performance measurement
  • Early warning and identification of problems
  • Preventative and corrective action planning


This publication summarizes two important tools, the CAPP and the Predictive Tools Road Map, both of which a project team can utilize during all phases of a project to improve the predictability of project success. The appendix provides an overview of the development of the Index of CII Tools, which was key in the formation of the Road Map.