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Title: FR-TC-03 - Advanced Work Packaging Digital Threads to Enable Supply Chain Visibility on Capital Projects
Publication Date: 10/1/2020
Product Type: Final Report
Status: Tool
Pages: 92
RT-TC-03 updated the Material Responsibility Matrix (MRM) to delineate responsibility for materials on capital projects. This report also links to an interactive, web-based, open-source digital library that contains specifications for seven digital threads with supply chain applications on capital projects. The team published its finalized digital threads in the open-source digital library for implementation by stakeholders across the supply chain on capital projects. Both the MRM and the open-source digital library of supply chain digital threads promote CII’s Best Practice of Advanced Work Packaging. The team encourages users of the open-source web-based digital library and the Material Responsibility Matrix to modify components to fit their specific project requirements better.

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The results of this project provide a systematic approach to communicate and visualize Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) “digital threads” to stakeholders across a capital project supply chain. This project has developed the following research deliverables:

  • A map of digital threads associated with supply chain applications
  • An interactive web-based tool for facilitating information sharing across the supply chain, the Material Responsibility Matrix (MRM)
  • An implementation guide tutorial video in the web tool

These research deliverables enable companies to increase supply chain visibility and incorporate stakeholders into effective supply chain decision-making. More generally, the RT-TC-03 research deliverables will promote the use of AWP through increased accessibility to stakeholders. The interactive web-based platform and the open-source library will encourage and facilitate information sharing across a capital project supply chain and promote the use of AWP “digital threads” concepts to better visualize supply chain elements.