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 Life Cycle Cost Estimation for Facilities and Healthcare - RT-FHC-02

Start Year: 2017     End Year: 2021

 Smart Data-centric Life Cycle Approach to Collaborative Execution of Capital Projects - RT-372

Start Year: 2019     End Year: 2021

 Capital Efficiency Scorecard for Downstream and Chemicals Projects - RT-DCC-07

Start Year: 2020     End Year: 2021

 MCPI – The Business Case for Modular Chemical Process Intensification - RT-373

Start Year: 2019     End Year: 2021

 Modeling the Composition of the 2030 Workforce - RT-370

Start Year: 2019     End Year: 2021

Research Publications

How Modular Chemical Process Intensification Compares with Conventional Approaches - FR-373

Publication Date: 11/01/21 Type: Final Report Pages: 73