Federal Facilities Benchmarking

Launched in summer of 2020, the Federal Facilities Data Analytics Research and Applications Program (FF‐DARAP) is a first-of-its kind research and benchmarking effort to be built with high performance computing in mind. 

The program builds from 25 years of benchmarking expertise from CII in a collaborative project with the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) and Clemson University.

The study establishes the foundation to greatly improve the scope definition, estimating, predictability and cost efficiency of capital facilities in the U.S. government portfolio and beyond.

The scope of the project will be accomplished in three‐phases over three years. It encompasses the
research, development and deployment of a computing system and machine learning algorithms to
create the most advanced data warehouse and project analytics platform in existence for A/E/C capital
Deborah DeGezelle, Manager of Information Services
(512) 232-3060
Bob Wible, Project Manager
(703) 568-2323