Market Intelligence Joint Industry Program

The Joint Industry Program (JIP) consists of a small number of Owner/Operator companies within the Petroleum and Chemicals industry whom sponsor the collection of market intelligence through annual surveys across a group of Contractors servicing this industry.
The Program is to provide information on market conditions to assist in evaluating capital costs for petroleum and chemical facilities. This information encompasses overall economic conditions and industry specific engineering, labor, and material availability and costs. 
CII is conducting research to generate summary reporting from the surveys for distribution to the JIP Sponsors and Contractors. CII also intends to  leverage the data collected from the annual surveys for future research in conjunction with other CII capital project data.
Goals of the Research Program are to:
  • Replace or supplement surveys by individual petroleum and chemical companies with a joint survey effort to compile historical market conditions and construction costs covering worldwide markets.
  • Improve the cost effectiveness of surveys by focusing various petroleum and chemical company data collection efforts into a single effort, thereby reducing contractors' time and effort of satisfying multiple surveys.
  • Enhance the quality and credibility of data and information now obtained from individual surveys and published sources.
  • Provide summary feedback to the Contractors contributing to the Research Program's Surveys.  University and Participant’s Representative for Technical Matters engaged to conduct the Surveys will quantify and summarize the historical data collected and disseminate the results to each Contractor.  Confidentiality of data sources will be maintained.
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