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Fluor@s study indicates 2 influencers of project success:@(SD20,@p. 16)Quality and depth of early planning by the PM GroupExecution by a strong PM group 6/2/2016 1:36:31 PM
Initial commitment to planning must come from top management. If top executives do not put their influence behind the planning process and create the environment to bring order out of disorder from their level down, the tasks of lower level managers become more difficult and t... 6/2/2016 1:36:46 PM
Outlines who bears the risks in a construction project for each party. (SD20, p. 17, Figure 1) 6/2/2016 1:37:01 PM
The research conducted a survey of general and project managers to determine reasons for project overruns resulting on the chart shown below. Interestingly, project managers see themselves in a reactive management role having been handed the project, well planned or not. The s... 6/2/2016 1:37:16 PM
Provides a layout of the development of a construction plan from bid to Project start. First Priority item is development of WBS for the project as this defines the project structure for work planning and control. (SD20,@p. 26, Figure 4) {^widget|(widget_displayname)Watermark... 6/2/2016 1:37:28 PM
Subcontract success includes: (SD20, p. 37):Requesting quotations only from qualified, experienced, financially capable contractorsDefining the scope of work in sufficient detail so that subcontractor rights and duties are clearly understoodRequirements (specs, flow downs)Mile... 6/2/2016 1:37:41 PM
A major component of the planning process is the Project Execution Plan (PEP).@The PEP has many parts, such as: (SD20,@p. 47)Project organizational structureWork breakdown structureSubcontract planProcurement planSite development plan 6/2/2016 1:37:55 PM
The research source document includes many useful tools and checklists including:Pre-Bid Site Investigation Checklist (Appendix A)Subcontractor/Vendor Checklist (Appendix B)Materials Management Checklist (Appendix C)Contractor Facilities and Services Checklist (Appendix D)Proj... 6/2/2016 1:38:29 PM
The Model Plant is a tool for examining numerous aspects of the construction industry. By virtue of its size alone, the Model Plant offers such data that possible applications may be limited only by the imagination of the user. Aside from using the Model Plant to compare a bas... 6/6/2016 12:52:49 PM
The Model Plant can be used to determine the effects of imposing certain cost and schedule controls or contract types on a constructor. Effects of regulations or even a climate of possible regulation and design changes can be explored under different contract types or in diffe... 6/6/2016 12:53:01 PM
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