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Bar coding is further expanded in the SD-70 Bar Code System Standardization report.@The primary reason for this research is that construction companies are at the beginning of the steep climb of the S-curve of this technology. The knowledge is available, the processes well-kno... 6/26/2016 2:51:21 PM
The research discusses the basics of voice recognition technology (VR) and the state of the art; costs and capabilities of the various commercial systems, as well as some of the major applications. To determine whether VR is suitable for a particular user, the report also prov... 6/26/2016 2:52:05 PM
This report identifies the major benefits to the construction industry in achieving common commodity formats, or ultimately common codes that would be acceptable and usable by the entire industry. A common commodity is a component which is generic in use and whose manufacture ... 6/26/2016 2:52:47 PM
The report was developed to promote a better understanding of expert systems technology and identify promising construction industry trends and applications. An expert system can best be defined as a computer program that emulates the problem solving process used by human expe... 6/26/2016 2:53:24 PM
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has the potential for very tangible cost reductions in materials management and project control areas. However, the U.S. construction industry lags behind other industries and foreign construction competition in its implementation. The potenti... 6/26/2016 2:54:09 PM
SD-46, BarCode Implementation Guideline and Tutorial Provides guidelines and educational materials for persons with little or no experience with bar code technology, and is intended to stimulate discussions between a wide range of potential system users, and subsequently lead... 6/26/2016 2:54:59 PM
SD-42,@Advanced Building Technologies Matrix (ABT) This information system was developed for advanced building technologies documented 151 promising ABTs for the enclosures systems of light industrial and commercial buildings. @Note, this information system is archived and no... 7/5/2016 6:50:12 PM
RS15-1,@Advanced Construction Technology System (ACTS) Is a computer database designed for the classification, documentation and retrieval of information about emerging construction technologies. @Describes emerging technologies in the areas of steel and concrete constructio... 7/5/2016 6:52:20 PM
SP6, @Guidelines on ImplementationThe research team developed a flow process for implementing a partnering relationship as indicated in Figure 4. This information is also intended only as a model to assist organizations in developing people coordinate flow charts specific to t... 7/6/2016 3:22:20 PM
RS6-2,@Change Control Program This reseach outlines nine suggested elements of a change control program:@@(RS6-2, p. 13)Owner Commitment to Change Control: Install a formal change review commiteeTeam effort: Among owner, engineering, and contractorFreesing Design: Time to fre... 7/6/2016 4:00:30 PM
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