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Previous CII research on productivity has taken management@s perspective. In 2004, however, CII sought a new perspective of construction productivity: that of the craft worker. CII formed the Work Force View of Construction Productivity Research Team (RT-215) to collect data o...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Construction-Execution/topics/RT-215 2/7/2016 6:15:10 AM
This research evaluates the effectiveness of strategies used to improve labor productivity on construction projects. Specifically, it investigates the impacts that early design, early material delivery, and extra construction equipment have on craft productivity. This is calle...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Construction-Execution/topics/RT-143 2/7/2016 6:12:06 AM
A need for an industry-wide construction productivity measurement baseline was recognized for a number of years leading up to this research effort.@Construction productivity data for nationwide use was either not available or considered unreliable. The Business Roundtable Cons...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Construction-Execution/topics/RT-002 2/7/2016 12:08:31 AM
Advances in technology have many benefits. Among the most often cited are improved quality and productivity. The construction industry lags compared to most industries in regard to utilizing advances in technology. The opportunity to improve construction productivity exists, h...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Construction-Technology/topics/RT-240 2/7/2016 6:15:56 AM
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/procurement-contracts/topics/rt-130#presentation194 7/31/1998 12:00:00 AM
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/construction-technology/topics/rt-183#presentation156 6/30/2003 12:00:00 AM
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/business-and-project-processes/topics/rt-230#presentation267 4/17/2019 7:30:01 PM
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/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/construction-execution/topics/rt-265#presentation65 7/31/2010 12:00:00 AM
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/risk-management/topics/rt-334#presentation374 8/2/2017 12:00:00 AM
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