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The CII Project Team Risk/ Reward (PTRR) Task Force developed a performance modeling methodology that can evaluate the impact of project execution strategies on project performance to support project planning decisions.@The project combines experience from experts with assessm... 4/18/2016 2:09:36 PM
The mathematical model developed in this research is characterized by an innovative use and integration of previous research from dissimilar fields such as Futures Research and Probabilistic Algorithms.@A number of adaptations and extensions to previous research were carried o... 4/18/2016 2:09:54 PM
The planned computer implementation of this methodology can have substantial benefits.@The prototype version developed for this report has allowed the testing of the algorithms and has provided recommendations for final implementation.@Benefits are:Reduction in analysis effort... 4/18/2016 2:10:10 PM
The methodology provides a framework for capturing and formalizing construction experts@ knowledge and integrating research information.@A systematic methodology for knowledge acquisition in the modeling process supports one of the major difficulties found in practice for the ... 4/18/2016 2:10:27 PM
As a research tool, this methodology is the first attempt to rigorously analyze the basis of project performance in such a way that prediction and causal analysis can be assessed in the same structure. (SD-80, p. 208) @ 4/18/2016 2:10:43 PM
The computational scheme utilized within the model allows all possible execution strategies to be compared on a relative basis. Preferred strategies are ranked either on the basis of combined performance on any single chosen criterion. (SD-80, p. vii)@ @ 4/18/2016 2:11:02 PM
They are (1) the ultimate customer, who use and consume the final products and (2) direct E/C Clients.@The needs and expectations of ultimate customers can be grouped in five basic areas.LeadershipSocial acceptabilityCost effectivenessInnovationOrganizational effectivenessThe ... 4/18/2016 2:39:23 PM
E/C firms will need to become lean and flexible in providing the diverse services required for concept development, innovation, design, and construction. In order to provide these services, E/C firms will obtain supplemental services through a network of specialty firms workin... 4/18/2016 2:39:39 PM
The changing nature of the engineering and construction services due to reallocation of many functions done by client in-house to E/C firm will allow the E/C firm to shape project concepts to a much greater degree in marketing, organization, and project execution areas. (RS30-... 4/18/2016 2:39:51 PM
@There are many actions that E/C firms can explore individually to be responsive to the needs of international clients.@These include:Identify compatible values and philosophySustain long term relationshipBecome a partnerPrepare to provide additional servicesDevelop a compatib... 4/18/2016 2:40:13 PM
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