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Alliances defined as @the long-term association with a non-affiliated organization, used to further the common interests of the members.@@This research suggests that alliances are the best strategy to satisfy the increasingly varied needs of global clients when they exceed a f... 4/18/2016 2:40:34 PM
The common objective of any alliance is to strengthen the competitiveness of all parties while remaining independent and unique.@General guidelines for an alliance include:@(RS30-1, p. 26)The alliance produces a comfortable atmosphere built on trust.The purpose for the allianc... 4/18/2016 2:40:50 PM
Key evaluation points that will impact forming and maintaining alliance relationships are listed below.@In addition the research details selection criteria, challenges/risks and lessons learned in forming alliances. (RS30-1, p. 27)Staffing with qualified personnelDocumentation... 4/18/2016 2:41:11 PM
Provides input of key characteristics for forming alliances in this competitive, and fragmented region.@A few examples are shown here with the details included in the research. (RS30-1, p. 31)European firms prefer continuity of personnel to maintain and strengthen the level of... 4/18/2016 2:41:28 PM
Provides input of key characteristics for forming alliances in this rapidly emerging region.@A few examples are shown here with the details included in the research. (RS30-1, p. 33)Asian countries have large variety and profound differences in languages, cultures, and customs.... 4/18/2016 2:42:33 PM
Implementation varies by concept and by project. However, implementation in general is not comprehensive in addressing all published recommendations. It is apparent upon analysis that some concepts are not integrated into plans and procedures, and implementation is not consist... 4/18/2016 2:48:37 PM
The level of implementation of the concepts for the five projects with the highest overall scores as well as the five projects with the lowest overall scores are shown in Figure 3. This provides insight into the Concepts which are more fully implemented for high scoring projec... 4/18/2016 2:48:55 PM
The barriers to implementation encountered at the project level were common to practically all concepts. A few barriers were found to be concept-specific. To a large degree, the responses indicated an environment of doing the same old thing under increased pressures with @no t... 4/18/2016 2:49:13 PM
Many of the barriers encountered appeared to follow a pattern from project to project. The most typical barriers fit into the following major categories: (RS42-1, p. 16)Management LeadershipOrganizational CultureEducationMeasure of PerformanceCommunication 4/18/2016 2:49:28 PM
It is the opinion of the research team that greater levels of implementation of the CII Concepts will yield improvements and savings on projects, and will benefit the industry in general. This belief is in spite of the lack of hard data to quantify the benefits. This lack of d... 4/18/2016 2:49:43 PM
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