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SP14-2, An Assessment of Education and Training Needs Among Construction Personnel @ Education and training are viewed as a continuum over a career.@ This publication provides a blueprint for improvement with both a short-term and long-term strategy. Short-term strategy foc... 1/17/2017 3:22:20 PM
SP17-1, In Search of Partnering Excellence @ Partnering focuses on making long-term commitments with mutual goals for all parties to achieve mutual success.@ The 3 key elements to be successful are trust, long-term commitment and shared vision.@ This material includes detail... 1/17/2017 3:25:52 PM
SP23-3, Disputes Potential Index, Version 2.0 The overall goal of this predictive tool is to reduce the incidence of contract disputes that often plague construction projects, resulting in delays, cost overruns and litigation. In order to take effective action to prevent disp... 2/9/2018 2:42:36 PM
Avoid Disputes and Bank the Benefits 4/18/2016 3:49:20 PM
Disputes Resolution 7/14/2016 4:01:11 PM
Constructability 7/14/2016 4:09:34 PM
Knowledge Area Definition Construction execution refers to standards, methods, and practices used during the construction phase of a project. Value PropositionConstruction execution is the core product of the EPC industry and entails multiple CII research practices each st...
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