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/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/project-controls/topics/rt-291#presentation291 4/17/2019 7:31:32 PM
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/design-planning-optimization/topics/rt-222#presentation275 4/17/2019 7:30:11 PM
This report is CII@s evaluation of The Business Roundtable@s CICE (Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness) comprehensive study on improving cost effectiveness in construction study, followed by multi-stage study on industry exposure to this project. The construction industry...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Business-and-Project-Processes/topics/RT-001 2/7/2016 12:08:08 AM
Engineering is one of the most critical aspects of any successful project. Perception within the construction industry holds that current engineering practices are not cost effective. Project costs are scrutinized more and more every day, and engineering is no exception. Owner...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Design-Planning-Optimization/topics/RT-112 2/7/2016 6:10:42 AM
RT-153 was tasked with identifying the variables that predict field rework, beginning in the early design and definition phase. The team defined Rework as @activities in the field that have to be done more than once in the field, or activities that remove work previously insta...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Quality-Management/topics/RT-153 2/7/2016 6:12:20 AM
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/construction-execution/topics/rt-252#presentation226 4/17/2019 7:30:33 PM
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/human-resource-management/topics/rt-281#presentation37 6/30/2012 12:00:00 AM
Studies were performed by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) to determine ways to increase construction effectiveness by improving the contractual relationship between the owner and contractor. CII@s Contracts Task Force conducted several studies to investigate construc...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Procurement-Contracts/topics/RT-005 2/7/2016 6:08:40 AM
@@@@@@Important UpdateRT-361 upgraded the Project Definition Rating Index@Industrial Projects (also known as PDRI@Industrial) to PDRI MATRS (pronounced @PDRI matters@) by combining two major research efforts:RT-113, which introduced the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) i...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Project-Planning/topics/RT-331 7/24/2017 10:42:39 AM
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/design-planning-optimization/topics/rt-245#presentation292 4/17/2019 7:31:54 PM
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