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/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/project-planning/topics/rt-268#presentation41 6/30/2012 12:00:00 AM
The primary purpose of the research was to identify and describe the primary components of a comprehensive process for management and elimination of quality-error related costs for construction sites. While many errors and omissions occur in the scope development process and d...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Quality-Management/topics/RT-203 2/7/2016 6:14:40 AM
RT-232 investigated the potential for adapting shipbuilding techniques to the construction industry. RT-232 was specifically focused on what enabled the shipbuilding market share to shift from the U.S. to Europe and Asia in roughly@two decades. It found that this transition wa...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Modularization/topics/RT-232 2/7/2016 6:15:41 AM
This research presents a process to improve the deployment of best practices in unfamiliar locations. The objective of the research is to reduce the gap in the deployment of best practices domestically against the added challenges of deployment abroad. The research effort inte...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Business-and-Project-Processes/topics/RT-294 2/7/2016 6:17:59 AM
CII created the Making Virtual Teams Work Project Team to study the challenges and to provide recommendations.The Implementation Resource developed by Research Team 170 provides key information on:Context @ A definition of virtual teaming and an introduction to the opportuniti...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Project-Organization-Communication/topics/RT-170 2/7/2016 6:13:07 AM
The business world is interconnected electronically: communication is instantaneous and the need to access vital information is often immediate. To maintain global competitiveness and to benefit from the sweeping changes taking place in the business world, the construction ind...
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/Information-Management-Technology/topics/RT-125 2/7/2016 6:11:25 AM
/resources/knowledgebase/10-10-metrics/supply-chain 2/15/2016 10:43:27 PM
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/design-planning-optimization/topics/rt-311#presentation310 4/17/2019 7:31:42 PM
/cii/media/publications/presentations/2013/ac13-pac_impl.pptx?ext=.pptx#presentation28 6/30/2013 12:00:00 AM
/resources/knowledgebase/knowledge-areas/performance-assessment/topics/bmm-summary#presentation352 4/17/2019 7:31:01 PM
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