Japanese, Korean and U.S. Construction Industries (Archived)

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This source document compares U.S. construction industry with the Japanese and Korean construction industries. The construction process in Japan is similar to that in the United States. All the larger general contracting companies have design-construct capabilities. The greater proportion of contractors, however, are sub-contractors or specialist contractors and are limited to areas called prefectures (or counties), whereas general contractors can obtain a license to work throughout the country.

The construction industry in Korea is also discussed in this paper, although research suggests Korea is not likely to become a major power in construction in the near future.

Two key strategies for the United States:

  1. The United States still holds the edge in construction management. This must be retained by continued research and development.
  2. We must regain leadership in vital technologies such as automation of construction equipment and techniques.

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Japanese, Korean, and U.S. Construction Industries - SD-37

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